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AntPowerWebDevelopment – Web Agency is a small Digital Agency, based in Warwick. Ant specialises as a FrontEnd Developer, Designer and UX. Building sites/apps in WordPress & Drupal. Ant has worked on projects for The West Midlands Fire Service, ITVplc and Art Wars where Damian Hirst was the most well known exhibitor.

Ant has spent the last year working on local projects including www.4pennyhotel.co.uk. Where he developed, UX and designed the website for a local hotel/bar. Along with implementation of the Hotel software and working alongside his Branding specialist to re-brand the bar and hotel, then working with Digital Marketing specialists to help generate the interest and necessary buzz.

Ant provides a customised solution and strategy for Design, Development and UX, which starts with business strategy, then UX strategy, Design/Interface strategy, Development strategy. Including Brand, Print, Graphic Design, Social Media and Digital and Inbound Marketing, SEO and AdWords campaigns. Utilising other talented professionals, Photography, Videography and Copywriting. Also as a Developer Ant writes custom plugins and offers a robust solution for Security for WordPress and Drupal.

Ultimately AntPowerWebDevelopment – Web Agency offers a customised solution, that is focused and centred on business strategy and getting the return on investment for your project. With specialists focused on different areas, through thorough preparation and planning, component by component. We will make sure that attention to detail is the focal point and with the business strategy firmly in mind that launch is only the beginning, not the end of the process.

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‘I have had the pleasure of working with Ant on a number of projects at West Midlands Fire Service. Ant is committed to delivering the best possible solution for the client and will always go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines. Ant is great at managing his time, working within budgets / guidelines given and always open to using new technologies which he is quick to learn.’

Kash Singh – Software Development Team Lead, West Midlands Fire Service

‘I have worked with Ant quite extensively over the last year and a half, where he has successfully contracted for me over this time’.

‘One thing that has stood out for me about Ant is not only his ability to pick up new skills needed for work, but also the attention he gives to getting the job done well.

I have always received extremely strong praise for the work Ant has done and I would recommend him as not only a really top guy, but also someone with a really strong expertise in Drupal.’

Tom Sykes – Applause IT (October 2014).

‘Ant worked hard to develop new bespoke features for our website with imagination and a keen interest in our overall objectives.

He was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure something worked, often coming up with new and useful ideas on implementation.’

Rob Hattersley – Safeside Manager, West Midlands Fire Service (October 2014).

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This is the AntPowerWebDevelopment Web Agency Blog, where I write about anything related to any aspect of the business from Development to Design to Inbound Marketing Strategy, but also try to provide useful and interesting albeit a little opinionated content to you, so you keep coming back!

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AntPowerWebDevelopment – Web Agency is based in Warwick U.K. I’m available for both local clients or remote work both nationally and worldwide. I also provide services to other Agencies where there is a need or specific skill-set required like Drupal Development on both an ad-hoc and contractual basis. I also consider contracts.
You can contact me either by telephone, email or you can make an enquiry through my Twitter. Firstly we can discuss basic requirements, then I will usually work out a quote; most likely a flat-rate, or if you prefer a day-rate. We can meet face-to-face, if you are local I can travel to you, or if there is distance we can Skype.
The package I offer is affordable and I also have a budget package if that’s of interest.

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